Walk in Program
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The Walk in Program is for children who missed the opportunity of going to school and want to learn from scratch.


The Walk In class was started in April of 2004 as one more space where children and adults could meet to create opportunities for learning. It was created because of the possibility that we may never be able to anticipate every need the context presents, because as many classes as we create for children with different needs, it is foolish to think that children can be categorized. It was created because the reasons why children aren’t in school are practically uncountable, because too many are out of school and because of the belief that if our doors remained open in warm welcome, children would find us and with us weave a future they chose.

Services delivered
Classes are held daily for children who have walked in. Once they have reached the required level, they are mainstreamed into a neighborhood government school (age permitting) or into the Hope Project non-formal school.

The Creche
Pre-primary classes

The Girls Non-Formal School
The Support Program
The Walk in Program
The Working Children’s Program
The Safe House Program
The Night shelter

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